First, create a list of people to interview

The first step to becoming an expert is to learn from the experts: It’s time to interview.

Use Wiki, Academy of Art sources and past Award Winners Lists to find out who was the best (or second best, which is often ideal) in the world 5-10 years ago.  People who are the best now are also an option, its just that they often are too busy to answer emails/ meet with strangers. Personally, I searched “Life Time Achievement Awards” + Design.

Find up to 3 industry leaders you can meet with or email.  You’ll ask them 13 specific questions. These questions are especially created to find out what are the most important building blocks to becoming an expert in their field.  The questions and their answers will be posted on this blog.

Who can you interview ? What field do they specialize in?

Once you post the names, I’ll send you the interview questions. 


2 responses to “First, create a list of people to interview

  1. My choices are…(I couldn’t narrow it down they are all great):
    Charles Chuck Harrison ( Former head of product design for sears)
    Kent Parker (furniture)
    Mark Elmore
    Industrial designer: product design
    Chuck Pelly: automotive design

  2. Matthew’s picks…
    Chuck Brainard of Black Diamond Equipment/Chouinard Equipment, Ltd
    Gin Seok Song- Gin Paragliders
    Robert Egger – Specialized Bikes
    These are all industries I’m passionate about…

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