Interview Questions

Do you want to interview a famous designer, but you don’t know how to ask them?

Even as a seasoned public speaker I felt my heart race when I asked people to do an interview.   Its hard to ask someone for a favor.  After asking a few people I realized that asking for their contribution isn’t just a favor, but also honors them and what they’ve done for the field.

If your shy and don’t know how to broach the subject, click here. You’ll find an introductory email and script to make asking a bit easier.  Maybe you’re not sure what questions to ask? These interview questions have  been used by Tim Ferriss as questions that help a student best learn from the experience of an expert.

Directions: Use both or either link.  Please type the interview responses and email them to me.  Also, answer the short questions below. Have fun!

Today’s Interview is with: _________________ (First and Last Name).

His/ her design specialty is ___________.

He/ she is best known for _______________.

Examples of his/ her design can be found _______________. (include link of product design).


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